Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gambar Toyota Kijang Innova G Luxury 2009

The relative comment variants are not different from the G standard. Front of the display remain similar, with large spout chrome gril and a luxurious look. Change visible from the side where G Luxury is equipped with lights in the rearview mirror sein.
Poop gets touch more. Among the immediate adoption is visible rear spoiler complete with third brake light. The other is chrome-plated muffler cutter to strengthen the aura class. And last of course under the Emblem Luxury type cars.
Part does not get in touch. Only the Captain Seat in the middle is a sign difference. Luxury exit after the G, type G Captain Seat not officially resumed.
The touch that made him be regarded minimal. But however it is the efforts of PT TAM to expand the options.
Toyota Kijang Innova G LuxuryGambar Toyota Kijang Innova G Luxury 2009
First opinion
TOYOTA Kijang Innova penggemarnya want to expand the options. After previously only add to the Captain Seat in type G, they now create their own type, namely G Luxury.

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